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Nordic Traction Inc makes OFA chains available from selected equipment dealers, direct from the manufacturer, across North America.

The Nordic Traction Group specializes in the manufacture of tire traction chains. At Nordic Traction’s state-of-the-art factory in Finland, special Boron alloy steel is converted into the highest quality tire chain. Prior to painting and packing, the chains are case-hardened in a special process which makes the products extremely durable with high surface hardness and provides excellent fatigue strength and a resilient core.

OFA chains ensure excellent grip and tire protection for forest machines, tractors, trucks and construction machines all over the world. Our chains are known for being easy to mount and good tire fit. The long tradition, ‘Made in Finland’ quality and ISO 9001 certified quality management system make sure OFA chains have a long lifetime even in extreme conditions.

Forestry Chains

OFA forestry chains meet the demands of working in tough logging environments in a variety of ways. They significantly increase traction, thereby reducing fuel consumption. The chains protect the sides and treads of expensive tires against stones and branches. Over the years, OFA has grown to be a market leader in Forestry chains. OFA forestry chains are known for long lifetime, easy mounting and good tire fit. 


U-Grip is the classic forest machine chain for conditions where excellent grip, tire protection and additional weight are required. The U-stud, welded under the chain link, ensures constant power and weight transfer from the tire for excellent traction. Available for light and heavy-weight forestry machines.


Twist chains are designed for lightweight forest machines and construction machines. The tread chain has two diamonds and the links are made of twisted chain so they lie tight against the tyre surface and give very aggressive traction. Twist chains give a good tyre protection against stones and stumps.

Matti W

Matti W meets all the challenges of the professional logging work: it holds and bites where ordinary steel would bend. Matti W is manufactured from straight-link chain and it is available in several pitch (regular, tight and supertight) with diamond pattern. Matti W is available for light and heavy-weight forest machines – for conditions where excellent grip, tyre protection and additional weight are required. Most of the chain dimensions have a tension chain for easier tightening.


Tapio is a chain with one diamond pattern, recommended for lightweight forest operations like forest tractors, small skidders and lightweight forwarders. The looser pattern ensures easy installation and good self-cleaning whilst maintaining enough grip for most applications.


Craftec chains are a lighter choice for forestry machines. The tread chain has a looser two diamond pattern which makes the chain easy to clean. Lower weight makes the chain also quick to install. Craftec is a good universal chain for all forest machines.

Tractor and Snow Chains


The OFA Tapio tractor chains are manufactured from boron steel and hardened in the same specialized process as our forestry chains. The double spike gives good grip and the links lie well against the tire surface giving good driving comfort on forest roads and agricultural roads, on ice and mud.
The Tapio chains are extremely well suited for forestry tractor and agricultural use. Tapio tractor chains are widely used for agri tractors, forest tractors, small skidders and construction machines.


A lightweight chain for tractors and industrial machines with vertical bar studs for all types of paved roads. This model provides good grip and driving comfort, particularly for snow-cleaning and municipal service. EasyOn is fast and easy to install and remove from tires and can easily be shortened to provide an exact fit. EasyOn 5 for machines with less than 120 hp; EasyOn 6,5 for machines with more than 120 hp.

Truck Chains


Lightweight chain to on-road trucks. 5 mm square wire non-twisted chain with bar studs ensures good grip on icy roads.


LS is a universal studded twisted link chain for front or double wheel outside. Recommended to drive wheel. LS-NK is non-studded square link dual chain, recommended for timber trucks.


Studded twisted link steering chain for good side grip for steering wheel.

Light Weight Chains


Grip 5 is designed for lighter working machines like loaders, municipal service machines and other onroad vehicles working in icy and snowy conditions. Grip 5 has square wire non-twisted chain with bar studs.


ATV 7 Pro is manufactured to fulfill the highest standards in ATV segment. Only durable high quality components used. ATV 7 Pro ensures traction for the fastest and hardest working ATV’s.


The Fork 5 mm square linked chain is designed for lighter forklifts and for cases where the space between tire and the frame of the forklift is limited. These chains are quick and easy to install. Can also be used on working machines and light trucks.


LST-NK 8 mm non-studded square link chain is designed for heavier forklifts. Can also be used on working machines and trucks.

Forest Machine Tracks

OFA is well known for its forestry chains, but now our product portfolio is extending to forest machine tracks as well. The brand new OFA track is an all-round track providing good traction in all conditions, even on snow and ice.

OFA Flotec

OFA Flotec is an extreme flotation track for soft and wet terrain. Excavator-style track plates are flat and wide, and have a very short distance between the plates. High side paws make sure the tracks stay on the tyre.
Spikes improve traction and lateral grip. Anti-skid rods inside the track plates prevent the tyres from spinning inside the tracks.
OFA Flotec tracks minimize the ground pressure as the the surface pressure is distributed evenly across the flat track plate. This way maximum flotation is achieved and soil damage is kept to a minimum.
Track plate widths: 900mm, 1000mm and 1100mm.

OFA Sisu F

OFA Sisu tracks will provide good traction in all conditions, even on snow and ice. The Heavy Duty crossbar section of the OFA Sisu F is stronger than similar products on the market, and ensures suitability for heavier forwarders as well. The tracks are manufactured from special boron alloy steel and will feature a 28mm link system. Available for 710/45-26.5, 750/55-26.5 and 780/50-28.5 tyres.

OFA Sisu H

OFA Sisu tracks will provide good traction in all conditions, even on snow and ice. The OFA Sisu H is designed for Harvesters and Forwarders up to 15t. The tracks are manufactured from special boron alloy steel and will feature a 24mm link system. Available for 710/40-22.5, 710/40-24.5 and 710/45-26.5 tyres.

OFA Softec

Flotation track suited to Harvesters and light to medium Forwarders. The low ground pressure and good grip help maintain productivity in wet and marshy conditions.
*Wide, close spaced flotation plate design offers low ground pressure
*Tried and proven ‘U’ shape plate ensures excellent traction
*Available without extensions, or with symmetrical 50/50 extensions